Seamless, Reliable Linux Deployment

Deploy provides an integrated, end-to-end solution to automate build, test, deployment and maintenance for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. An open-source community project. Learn more.

What can you do with Deploy?

Build. Deploy makes it easy to configure, build and test integrated systems including operating system software, custom software, patches and ongoing updates.

Test. Deploy supports automated testing for clean system installations and ongoing system updates – allowing admins to automate end-to-end quality assurance including test environment setup, script execution and environment teardown.

Deploy. Deploy provides a flexible framework for creating DVD images, network installation images, virtual and cloud machine images, and even Linux containers – a complete solution for current and future operations needs.

Maintain. Deploy automates staged ongoing maintenance – ensuring all changes to operating system software, applications and configuration are integrated and verified prior to production release.


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Thank You!

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