Easy, Reliable Linux Deployment

Deploy makes it easy to build, test, deploy and maintain Linux systems. The current version works with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. An open-source community project. Learn more.

How does it work?

Define. The first step is to create a system definition. The definition specifies software and configuration, as well as instructions for testing, deployment and maintenance. Deploy provides templates to assist with definition creation.

Build. Now you run Deploy. It starts by gathering content, packaging configuration, and building a lightweight system distribution. The distribution serves as a base for testing, deployment and maintenance.

Test. Deploy next performs testing. Using your instructions, it tests both first-time installation to a clean machine, and incremental updates to an existing machine. Deploy creates and maintains test machines as needed.

Deploy. Once testing is complete, Deploy uses your instructions to automate the next step, whether it be creating an ISO install image, creating a virtual machine image, instancing a cloud image, configuring network boot, or ....

Maintain. Running Deploy over time refreshes the distribution, performs testing, and uses your instructions to update installed systems. Because all system content, both software and configuration, is packaged using RPM, updates can be applied using standard tools.


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Thank You!

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